Entry #13

Callie called Wednesday to confirm: she and Tiffy were planning to get in town yesterday, and we’re all going to dinner tonight. We’re going to Sid-Mar’s, a seafood restaurant out on the lakefront, near the neighborhood where Callie grew up.

I’m not really nervous or anything. I know I should be. I should be concerned or giddy or shopping for flowers or something. Maybe it’ll hit me when I see ’em.

In fact, the only nervousness I’ve felt came when I was telling my dad. I wanted to tell him when we were face-to-face last weekend, but there wasn’t really an opportune moment. So I had to tell him Wednesday over the phone.

He wasn’t surprised, really. I mean, he told me years ago that if I wanted to track down my biological parents, he’d be happy to help. He said he was proud of me and that he’d have done exactly the same thing, had he found himself in my position.

I told him about my uncle, about the fact that he was a theatre person and gay and all. I jokingly told dad he could stop wondering where he went wrong and just blame my uncle. He laughed, and I could tell he’d never even given the matter much thought.


Entry #12

I got an email from Callie yesterday. She and Tiffany are coming on the 15th. They’ll be here for a week.

Suddenly, it seems like this has all happened really quickly. Too quickly? I dunno. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have concerns. I feel like Woody Allen when I ask questions like this, but really: what if we run out of things to talk about? Five days is a long time to spend with strangers.

I have a hunch my fears are unwarranted, though. From our emails and our one-time phone conversation, I think the three of us–four, counting Jonno–are gonna be fine.

If all else fails, I’ll just start drinking. I can blab away for hours with a little alky-hol in my veins. Just ask Jonno.